Thermal Tools

World-Class Thermal Conductivity and Measurement Services

BMP Testing and Calibration Services, Inc. utilizes the latest thermal measurement equipment to analyze low to medium-conductivity materials, from ceramics, plastics, and polymers to coatings, composites, liquids, and building materials. 

Our experts can perform testing to many international standards using the latest thermal tools that accurately measure thermal conductivity and temperature difference with time, temperature, and fluid absorption. We can help you with any project, regardless of its nature and size. 

Our test methods include:

• Laser Flash Diffusivity

• Axial flow 

• Absolute axial heat flow 

• Comparative cut bar 

• The Probe 

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BMP Testing and Calibration Services, Inc. offers world-class thermal conductivity and measurement services using state-of-the-art thermal measuring instruments. For more information on our thermal conductivity and measuring services or to request a quote, feel free to contact us today.