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World-Class Non-Contact Infrared Pyrometer Temperature Calibration Services

BMP Testing and Calibration Services, Inc. utilizes the black body's furnace to calibrate the infrared pyrometer with a reference pyrometer. These services are available for field and laboratory services. 

Our experts can calibrate to many international standards using the latest thermal tools that accurately measure temperature for different purposes. We can calibrate the temperature from 0°F (contact) to 2700°F (Non-contact). We can help you with any project, regardless of its nature and size. 

Our lab services include calibration of the following and many more:

• Infrared Digital Pyrometer

 • Temperatur Indicator

• Temperature Recorders

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BMP Testing and Calibration Services, Inc. offers world-class thermal conductivity and measurement services using state-of-the-art thermal measuring instruments. For more information on our thermal conductivity and measuring services or to request a quote, please get in touch with us today. 

Williamson Infrared Pyrometer
Williamson Infrared Pyrometer Pro

Featured Temperature Brands: 

  • Williamson 
  • Extech 
  • Fluke
  • Master Controlere V3 + 

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