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Dimensional Inspection, otherwise known as Dimensional Metrology, evaluates the geometric characteristics of manufactured parts and products to ensure their compliance with design specifications. It verifies the accuracy of part features that can impact its reliability and functionality. Dimensional inspection is a critical part of the product development process.

At BMP Testing and Calibration Services, Inc., our dimensional experts have the capabilities and expertise to accurately inspect the surface and special features of parts and products according to your specifications. We can quickly verify your product designs and manufacturing process using cutting-edge dimensional measurement equipment and compile the obtained data into a detailed report. This helps you shorten your manufacturing cycle, identify potential defects and problems in your machined parts and components and enhance quality control. 

Serving Every Industry and Application

BMP Testing and Calibration Services, Inc. serves a variety of industries and applications, from CAD drawings and machined parts to medical devices, tooling, and fixtures, tool wear monitoring, tooling and fixtures, castings and forgings, injection molded parts and many others. We perform every inspection in strict accordance with your specifications and international, industry, government specifications, standards, and practices.

dimensional measurement equipment
dimensional inspection tools

Our measurement experts specialize in:

●     Tool & Die Verification: We ensure accurate results for a successful product during the first phase of your manufacturing process. 

●     First Article Inspection: BMP Testing and Calibration Services, Inc. delivers fast and precise 1st article inspection and verification of your manufacturing processes, assisting you in maintaining an effective time-to-market plan.

●     Reverse Engineering: Our experts can work on design models or modified or undocumented or new components and provide you with the data required for precision reproduction.

●     Mold Qualifications: BMP Testing and Calibration Services, Inc. takes care of fragile or small parts using suitable measuring instruments and techniques. Our experienced inspection professionals can provide accurate dimension measurements without destroying your part.

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BMP Testing and Calibration Services, Inc. is a trusted and preferred name in the US regarding dimension inspection services. We use state-of-the-art dimensional measurement tools and gauges to support a wide range of industries by quickly providing them with accurate inspection reports. 

For more information about our dimension measuring and inspection services or to request a quote, feel free to contact us today. 

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