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Highest Quality Chemical Testing Services

Choosing the right partner for your chemical testing services can be challenging. You need to ensure your portfolio of chemical products, biocides, or active substances remains compliant with evolving regulations. All the while, you are under pressure to minimize unnecessary chemical product testing costs while ensuring you have the data you need on time. 

Are you searching for chemical testing labs near me? You are not alone! With years of experience in chemical testing services, you can rely on us. BMP Testing and Calibration Services, Inc. understands that requirements for chemical testing services can vary significantly since there are so many different uses and formulations. So, whether you are an established company looking for dossier submission support or an emerging manufacturer or developer looking for a comprehensive chemical product testing plan, we can support you. Whether you have some in-house capability or looking to fill gaps in your testing plan--whatever your needs, we can help you.

Proactively Planning Your Testing

We have in-depth global knowledge, skills, and capability for joined up service. You can trust our best-in-class animal welfare practices, innovative alternative testing methods, and extensive expertise working with you to achieve your goals. In addition, we have experience working with compounds and challenging substances like chlorine test strips so that we can meet your needs.

Why BMP Testing and Calibration Services, Inc.?

Understanding the ever-evolving regulatory environment for industrial chemicals is essential to success. BMP Testing and Calibration Services, Inc. has a thorough understanding of the regulations coupled with the scientific expertise needed for compliance. We can help you avoid unnecessary delays in the registration of your chemical or the approval of your active substance.

Our extensive experience with worldwide regulations means you will be fully supported, regardless of where you wish to register your product. Our regulatory specialists can also help you with the compilation and preparation of regulatory dossiers and be the contact for regulatory authorities during regulatory procedures.

Our chemical testing services include the following:

  • Material Verification

  • Material Identification

  • Contaminant Detection and Residue Analysis

  • Chemical Composition Analysis and more

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Looking for an expert who caters to all your requirements under one roof? We are here! For the best chemical testing services in the US, call BMP Testing and Calibration Services, Inc. at (+1) 832-637-4235. We always choose the correct methods, like high peroxide test strips, and provide optimal results in no time. We lead our customers in the right direction and help them find their perfect fit! Contact us today!

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